Trusted transport services since 1990

With high professionals’ skills and longtime experience, company provides transportations of trade and grocery products. Our aim is to be flexible transportation company, who carries products on right time to right location. We have a lot of routes and schedules of those are important for our customers.

Company has four semi-trailers, 14 full combination trailers, two vans and also demountable lift truck. Newest investments are double layered hydraulic trailer and demountable truck with crane.

Transports are done by temperature controlled full combination trailers and by (maritime) container trailer. For iron products we have vehicle with liftable (side opened) sidewall.

We have ATP classified vehicles and vehicles with tail lifts. We have taken use trailers with multi-temperature loading sections which enables loading products with different temperature requirements in same transportation (vehicle).

Our vehicles are easily identified by AJA-license plates.


Reliable and skilled drivers are strength of our company. Currently company employs 55  employees. Drivers are taking part of AJA – quality and customer service orientated and tailored training. 






Guest unique, high-quality service throughout the European Union is our principle. Finnish cross-border service customers transportation needs can be handled in a comprehensive manner.